Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent our Memorial Day Weekend at Lake Sakakawea State Park near Garrison ND.  It was a great weekend filled with camping, fires, sight-seeing, running, jumping, biking and hiking.  Here are a group of random pictures taken throughout the weekend.

 This picture was taken within the first 30 seconds of arriving...Emma immediately loved the wide open space by the cabin.
 They are hard to see, but there were about 6 deer near the cabin when we pulled in after getting our first load of firewood.
 Our lovely view
 Our home away from home
 Its never to light out to play with a flashlight
 On Saturday we headed to the Knife River Indian Village, which is a national historic site.  This was the site that the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Indians(MHA)(Three Affiliated Tribes) constructed their earth-lodges.  These structures were massed in the hundreds and took up large areas.  It was a great place to visit.  Above Emma is stamping her very first entry into her very own National Parks Passport book.  Every National Park or historic place has a dated stamp that you "cancel out" when you visit.  She will love having a head start on that when she gets older.
 Here is the inside of one of the Lodges.
 Here is the outside.
 This camping and what not is tiring stuff!
 Chilling with Mommy!
 We had visitors all weekend that Emma would call Mouse.....she would clap her hands together and say here mouse, c'mere mouse.
 More time with Mommy
We spent allot of time "jumping" off of things, she almost has it, but can count to three like a champ.
It was a great weekend, and we will be camping again this coming weekend at Lewis and Clark State Park!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lazy Sunday

With Emma starting to feel better, but still a little sick we decided to take it easy today and just go with the flow.  We started the day off with bacon and eggs, which is always nice.  We then we grocery shopping for a few things that we needed.  When we got home we decided it was a perfect day to got for a bike ride.  So we headed to Spring Lake Park to do a few laps around the park, and of course we had play on the slide and swings.  Now as I type this we are waiting for Pizza Hut to delivery our LSD...(Lazy Sunday Dinner). 

 All done with the bikes, off to the slide!
 Climbing up for the 100th time down the slide.
Swinging with mommy is the best!
All in all a great weekend, one more week of work and it is off to Lake Sakakawea State Park for Memorial Day Weekend camping!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mothers Day Geocaching and a sick little girl.

It has been a week since my last post, so I thought I would post a few pictures from Mothers Day.
Ruth decided she would like to spend the day geocaching, so we loaded up the truck with snacks and gear and headed out.
 All loaded up and strapped in, ready for action!
 One of our first caches was in the old town of Antelope Montana. Here is the old jailhouse, two small rooms, only one was a cell, the other contained the jailer and heater.
 Here is the one room cell, not bad actually! 
 On to the next cache, I will drive daddy!
There was a cache next to this old schoolhouse.  The door was actually open, so we headed in for a picture.  I love the old blackboard, and a desk still remains after all of these years.
Here is what the school looks like from the outside.  The steps looked a little too shaky to explore the basement, what a cool old building.
 I love geocaching..."looking for treasure"
Bath Time!
It was a great day to spend together as a family on Mothers Day.
As I type this we are taking care of Emma who is still in good spirits despite having a double ear infection and swollen tonsils.   Since we live in the armpit of ND, Ruth had to drive Emma almost an hour this morning to Sidney MT, the closest clinic that is open during the weekend.  She has some medication and will be better shortly!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Simple Saturday

Today we did just about absolutely nothing.  We went shopping this morning and then went and got our bikes and what not out of storage for the year.  That was it, we all took naps and just chilled out the rest of the day.  It was nice.

Tomorrow is mothers day, so I will be busy making sure Ruth is well taken care of.  It will all start out with breakfast....Farmers Skillets per Ruth's request.

After that we are going to load up the truck with picnic supplies and spend the day geocaching, driving around and just enjoying being outside.

Then to close out the day we are planning on having a steak dinner.

 This is Ruth's Mothers Day gift that Emma made at daycare.  Pretty flower mommy!
Saturday Selfie!
More to come tomorrow with some pictures of our Mothers Day adventure.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lazy Weekend

After the long four day weekend last week with all of the driving and family visits, we have slowed way down this weekend.

Yesterday we did our weekly trip to Walmart, which of course is always AMAZING!  After that Mike and I went to the river to do a little fishing.  It was pretty slow, but Mike did manage to pop one nice catfish, and it was just nice to get out.  It was my first time open water fishing for the year, so tht is nice.

Here is Mikes Catfish.  Nice solid fish.
Today is going to be another lazy day.  We might go geocaching, we might go swimming at the rec center, if it is nice we might go to the park.  Not sure of what we will do, but we are sure that it will be relaxing!

Monday, April 28, 2014

A visit to Wisconsin, and Winter is in the Air!!

Well, it has been a week since the last post, which was about Easter Sunday and the lovely weather we were having.  Well, Spring WAS in the air, but this morning it was looking allot like Christmas.

 Here was the view this morning when we got up.

This last weekend we headed to Wisconsin to visit family at Rosanne's 60th Birthday Part.  It sure was nice to see everybody and surprise her with our being there.  Emma had a great time visiting all of her cousins and other family.

 Rosanne checking out the scrapbook made as a gift for her.

 Cake Time!!  We were also celebrating Sammy's Birthday as well.

 Emma and her cousin Emily being goofy.

Still being goofy!

It was a great weekend being home with family.  It took a lot of driving, but it was worth every minute.  We were also lucky enough to visit with my parents who drove up from Ripon to see us while we were in Wisco.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday and spring is in the air!

Happy Easter everybody.  This was the first year that Emma could actually comprehend the idea of looking for a Easter basket, and she of course loved finding it.  Of course the Easter Bunny brought her plenty of goodies.

 I have found it!!

My little Easter Bunny enjoying some candy.

After we were done finding the basket and chilling out for a little while, we figured we would get out of the house and enjoy the warm spring air.  We decided to go Geocaching for a while.  We did a quick 26 cache Alphabet themed power trail.  After that we hit a few other caches, two were old secluded cemeteries.  Both were way off the beaten path, and really interesting.

 This one was about a mile off of the highway, somewhat easy to find.  The cache was actually missing, but the cemetery and the view were worth the trip.

 Very interesting headstone and plot.

Nameless cemetery was extremely far off of the highway.  We had to drive though privately owned land(easement for cemetery road), open a gate, cross a cattle guard, and drive through a small creek just to get to the cemetery.  What an adventure, and what a peaceful place to be laid to rest.

It was a nice Easter Sunday with my girls!